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Closing technology-Your best marketing tool?

TRID's impact is here to stay, no matter what

What Lawyer's Should Know About website marketing

Why Law Firm Branding Is Critical For Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About ALTA Best Practices

If it seems like you’ve been hearing more industry buzz about ALTA Best Practices recently, you’re not mistaken. Although the American Land Title Association (ALTA) first published its Best Practices in 2013, they didn’t begin to gain serious traction until 2016. Why 2016, you ask? Read more >

Does E-Closing Actually Reduce Fraud And Identity Theft?

The federal E-Sign Act (ESA), adopted in 2000, established that electronic signatures are legally valid and enforceable as part of a commercial transaction... Read more >

How Hackers Target Real Estate Transactions

Hackers have found far too many ways to wreak havoc on financial transactions in general, and more specifically in real estate transactions. Understanding what vulnerabilities... Read more >

Social Media Guide For Lawyers

A recent survey on attorneys using social media, which was conducted by Attorneyatwork.com, found that among its respondents, 90 percent use social media, and 70 percent include social media in their marketing plans... Read more >

Should My Real Estate Law Firm Go Paperless?

If you’ve been debating whether or not it’s worth it to take your law firm into the realm of paperless offices, you're not alone. Running a paper-based office taxes manpower, space, and your budget... Read more >

Four Ways Technology Improves The Mortgage Loan Life Cycle

The entire mortgage industry is evolving rapidly as the market shifts once again, regulations continue changing significantly, and technology becomes a more widely accepted part of creating a safer and more efficient mortgage production cycle. Our industry has been slower... Read more >

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