EasySoft, SoftPro, or RamQuest: Which One Do You Need In Your Office?

There is no shortage of real estate closing software systems on the market today. Real estate attorneys and settlement agents have their choice of systems and solutions that make the closing process easier, streamline procedures, and maintain compliance. But not all software systems are created equal and not all systems are suitable for all needs. The key to purchasing a system that does what you need it to is to carefully evaluate its functions and capabilities and ensure they match with your own needs and capabilities.

In this post we’re going to take a look at SoftPro and RamQuest, two of the bigger names in real estate closing industry, and see how they compare to Easysoft Legal Software.


There’s no question SoftPro provides products and solutions that make the real estate closing process easier. The company is a leader in the industry for good reason with a robust suite of products that provide top-notch services. But, SoftPro caters mostly to the closing and title industry. That means that even though their products are high-quality, easy-to-use, and comprehensive, they are designed for businesses and individuals that handle closings every single day.

Businesses that handle closings with this frequency need more add-ons and capabilities than real estate attorneys who handle fewer closings per year. SoftPro has a lengthy list of modules, each of which must be purchased individually. While this provides users with great customization options, it also makes the entire real estate closing system more expensive.


RamQuest is another highly customizable closing solution, again created mostly for title and settlement agents and companies. The software is extremely thorough and comprehensive, but again, the price is in the upper range. RamQuest advertises its products as “unique”, “not cookie-cutter”, and has an entire page of their website and a white paper devoted to implementation of their software. That spells complicated, custom-built, expensive, and challenging to implement – absolutely everything a small real estate closing legal firm does not need in a software system.


EasySoft caters absolutely to small and solo practitioner real estate law firms and we’ve been doing that for over 30 years. Our products are designed with attorneys in mind. Attorneys who have other business to attend to. Attorneys who simply want to be able to offer their clients closing services and keep that business in-house. Attorneys who do not need complicated, pricy solutions for services they provide infrequently. There’s no guesswork or piecemeal add-ons to get a complete real estate closing system through Easysoft Legal Software and you won’t need any technical know-how to get it set-up and running.

EasyCDF, Easy HUD, and our Real Estate Documents and Amortization software, packed in a suite, are the only solutions you need to evaluate at Easysoft Legal Software. Everything a real estate settlement attorney needs to manage closings in-house is include in Easysoft Legal Software software. Even better, the software is affordably priced for an attorney who does not make closings his or her full-time profession. The systems are so easy-to-use, we’ve made them available via the cloud or in desktop versions there’s no “implementation” team needed.

Choosing a Real Estate Closing System

A software system should make your job easier, not harder. It should be within reach of your budget and technical capabilities and it should open the door to better business practices. If the solution you’re evaluating doesn’t meet these criteria, move on to the next one. Don’t stop until you find a solution that does everything you need it to – no more and no less.

While it is easy to be swayed by bells and whistles, if you never use them, you’ve overpaid. That’s a cost many small and solo legal offices can’t afford. They are adding settlements and real estate closings to their list of services in order to boost profits. It’s a waste of time and money to see those profits go towards the purchase and maintenance of a system that is far beyond your needs.

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