Specialized Software for NJ Family Law Professionals who use Mac Computers

Law firms across the country repeatedly say that the most frustrating thing about using Mac computers in their practice is the limited amount of legal industry software available or compatible with macOS. This is especially true for New Jersey family law practitioners and their staff who must complete the CIS and count on reliable, proven software to calculate their worksheets and remain compliant with New Jersey requirements and guidelines.

With so many requirements, it is important to choose the right software for your firm’s needs, and that includes quality, reliability, and ease of use. When asked what is the primary reason attorneys use Macs in their practice, most state that it is the reliability of the hardware and software of Apple Inc.’s computers and the Macintosh operating system.

New Jersey family law attorneys that use Mac computers can enjoy the same reliability that matters to them with Easysoft’s specialized family law software with our new web-based technology.

With this new platform and updated interface, lawyers and their staff also have the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, even while in court, mediations, or on-the-go. Mac users can now access files from multiple devices, create and compare multiple support worksheet scenarios to a single case, and even include a large range of attachments. Handling cases is now easier for firms that use Mac computers with Easysoft Family – New Jersey software. Web-based legal technology allows more flexibility when it comes to negotiations and gives flexibility to come to the table with several offers. Your clients will enjoy the option to see how changes will affect support amounts and determine what scenario is most beneficial for both parties and most importantly, the children.

Easysoft Family Law - New Jersey’s newest browser version, uses the same reliable, compliant, and proven software technology that family law legal professionals have come to know and trust from Easysoft. Now, New Jersey family law firms using Mac systems can enjoy the same software used by thousands of others to ensure their practice delivers what their clients need with accuracy, efficiency, and full compliance.

Go Paperless

The new web-based software offers a paperless option which has become a reality for Family Law attorneys, staff and even clients. Easysoft Family – New Jersey also includes an imperative feature that allows the attorney to send their clients a link to the Case Information Statement (CIS) so the client can enter their financial data and return it to the attorney virtually – without ever meeting in person, having to put documents in the mail, scan, or even fax them over! “The Client Intake Portal is the paperless option attorneys have been asking for and now it’s a reality. This is especially good news for firms using Mac computers” says Mark Afonso, Product Consultant with Easysoft.

Easysoft Legal Software includes all the essential elements attorneys need for New Jersey divorce cases and this software features centralized data entry fields that populate information across all the necessary forms (for plaintiff and defendant), saving attorneys and their staff time while assuring that their figures are error-free. Practicing family law in NJ means accuracy, reliability, and compliance to present worksheets and child support scenarios professionally and quickly. With Easysoft, Mac-based family law firms have access to the best and most compatible solution on the market today.

When evaluating the best legal software for your New Jersey family law practice, consider if it is an application tailored to the divorce and custody laws of your state. Easysoft gives you that confidence and with free tech support from our New Jersey based office. Take the drudgery out of the CIS form by using the latest computer tools designed specifically for New Jersey family law attorneys.

With a free 7-day trial, free tech support, easy-to-use platform which means no training needed and macOS-compatible software, you and your firm can be up and running in minutes. All you need are your figures, an internet connection, and you are ready to work.

Best of all, your data and files sync across multiple devices, can be shared with other staff users, and can be accessed anywhere, at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information about how your New Jersey Family law Mac-based firm can work faster, with ease, from anywhere, call 1-800-905-7638 extension 1. Or click here to schedule your free, personal demo for your Mac-system firm, https://www2.easysoft-usa.com/l/23892/2021-04-23/79c1xv.

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