How New York Real Estate Attorneys Can Benefit from Maintaining Relationships with Banks

Real estate closings are a great source of work and additional income for attorneys in New York. Bank and lender closings provide steady legal work that is a non-confrontational and profitable area of legal practice. Cultivating this revenue stream properly is key to creating a reliable income stream as a bank attorney.

If you are already handling real estate closings for New York banks and lenders, you know the benefits and abundance of opportunities that can come from being a bank attorney. If you are a solo practitioner or otherwise looking to expand your legal practice in New York, look no further than real estate closings for banks.

Considering adding bank attorney work to your practice? Just starting to build real estate closings in your practice? Are you already servicing banks and lenders in New York? Regardless of your stage in the realm of performing real estate closings as an attorney, you must always be aware of the details and data that are required to be correct in each file, even when changes arise during file preparation. Once you have an established relationship with banks, maintaining the relationship with these lenders is pertinent to keeping this area of your practice running reliably. One of the most important factors to conserve these relationships will be to ensure the files you submit do not contain errors. The numbers do not lie but that does not mean that the correct calculations are always the easiest to execute properly, with full accuracy, and TRID compliance.

There is no way around the ongoing relationships that you will have to nurture with banks and lenders as a real estate attorney. This is an important source of income for your business that can be sustained with the right attention to details and ability to work quickly and meet deadlines. The consistent quality of your work will dictate your ability to keep working with these banks and hopefully grow their reliance upon you over other attorneys that might provide less reliable files and calculations in a less timely manner than you will strive to deliver.

The best way to build trust is to provide consistently accurate numbers and the best way to do that is to use specialized closing software that will remove the possibility of human error in your HUD and CD calculations. This will also save you time when you allow software to populate the figures automatically and reduce data entry of things like bank information, borrower/seller info, and property data. When you save time with reliable software, you can increase file volume as your positive reputation builds and you deliver real estate closing files to your bank clients on-time, free of mistakes, and fully conformed with TILA-RESPA integrated rule compliance.

Real estate closing software functions as a super calculator and clerical assistant, rolled into one application, that will give you the ability to master the real estate closing process as an accurate and prompt legal professional that banks can rely upon.

Easysoft is the best software solution for New York lender attorneys who perform real estate closings and are required to fill out CDs (closing disclosures). The numbers on those CDs must be the same as the bank's numbers. If they do not match, there will not be a closing. Instead, there will be hours of painstaking labor and a damaged professional relationship. Avoid all of that by doing it correctly the first time and doing it fast with specialized closing software. Input the initial numbers and data to generate closing disclosures, HUD forms, and more, as the software does the complex calculations for you and completes the data across your files to then save on your local device, upload, or print as you choose. With no initial software downloads or updates needed, the software is automatically up to date, keeping your files accurate and fully compliant.

With Easysoft, you can e-file your 1099-S forms right in the software after each closing and avoid the hectic rush at the end of the year. All the closing data needed, populates from the software into your 1099-S forms to submit quickly and easily within current tax laws and IRS regulations. Easysoft Real Estate Software can also save time with our e-signing ability for your document needs. Easysoft is the tool that gives you the power you need for your New York real estate legal practice.

Lawyers who use Easysoft Legal Software enjoy a nearly 100% closing rate and as a bank attorney, this factor matters even more. Easysoft gives you what you want and need without overpaying for features you don't. Generate all your files quickly and accurately with essential and affordable software and omit the unnecessary whistles and bells found in pricier real estate software.

You are busy as a lawyer. Let us keep you that way as you grow and preserve your practice with bank closing files for New York lenders and banks. Wherever your next deal takes you, use Easysoft's web-based software from any device, even smartphones, so nothing interrupts your practice, and you can work on the go from anywhere.

The intersection between the practice of law and cutting-edge technology can be harmonious and affordable so schedule a demo to learn how Easysoft will help you accurately and efficiently save time and money as you develop your real estate law firm's bank closing revenue. Use the best tool for New York real estate lawyers, Easysoft Legal Software. The power you need at a price you can afford.

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