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Benefit from 30+ years of specialized legal software experience

Founded in 1986, Easysoft Legal Software serves the needs of attorneys and legal professionals in Family and Real Estate Law practice areas. Understanding attorneys’ needs is at the center of everything we create. We take customer feedback seriously and strive to incorporate recommendations into the software on a monthly basis. That’s one of the reasons 9 out of 10 clients say they’d recommend Easysoft Legal Software to a colleague.

With Easysoft Legal Software, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work virtually, with access to all your files, anywhere, anytime. Our software is designed to handle complex calculations, ensuring accuracy in all your legal matters, to help keep you and your staff working smarter, not harder.

Legal Software Features two online legal calculating products:

Easysoft Legal Software Family Law Software is NEWLY updated to a browser-based version and is currently for New Jersey Family Law Attorneys (more states to come).

Easysoft Legal Software Real Estate Closing Software is the most widely used browser-based software solution for Real Estate Attorneys, legal professionals, and title agents in the US that helps to ensure accuracy in the closing process.

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We make legal calculations easy!
Our Real Estate and Family Law clients can attest to the value and power we bring to each of their firms at pricing that’s worth every penny.