Adding Family Law to Your General Practice in Massachusetts

If you are considering adding divorce and family law cases to your general practice, the time to start is now. By adding software like Easysoft Family Law - Massachusetts, you will be joining many of your colleagues whose solo and small practices include divorce and family law cases which can also become an integral part of your business and revenue. With divorce cases on the rise, there is certainly no shortage of family law clients seeking the assistance and skills of an attorney.

The key to adding family law to your practice is being prepared, well-equipped, and utilizing software that helps you calculate and complete your files while mitigating errors and alleviating compliance risks. Easysoft is here to help with your new matrimonial caseloads while keeping you compliant with Massachusetts guidelines and requirements.

Here are 5 tips for solo, small, and general practice firms looking to add Massachusetts family law to their practice.

  1. Know the terminology. Family law practice has its own set of language and terminology. It is important to know the terms and meanings, such as
    • Physical and legal custody
    • Prenuptial agreement
    • Stipulations
    • Massachusetts Financial Statement
    • Child support custody scenarios
    • Alimony buyout
    • Alimony recapture value
    • Pension Valuation

    On top of this general area knowledge, knowing about Massachusetts specific family law content like long and short financial statements, CJ-D forms, and Rule 401 will prepare you to execute your casework and discuss matters with clients and their adversarial representation competently.

  2. Attracting clients. One of the best sources of new clients for law firms is referrals. Once you have made the decision to add divorce and family law to your areas of practice, you should notify your existing clients and kindly ask for referrals. They may know of someone in need of a matrimonial lawyer or possibly need one themselves. Many of the most successful attorneys have built their entire practices based on referrals and you can too. As a gesture of goodwill, be sure to send a thank you note or a small gift when you receive a referral, even something as simple as a cup of coffee via a $5 gift card to a local shop to show your appreciation.
  3. Choose the right software. Family law cases include many complex calculations that can leave attorneys and their staff feeling like they must have the skills of a calculator with the knowledge and compliance of an accountant. For example, in Massachusetts, the Long and Short Form Financial Statements (Form 301) are necessary under Supplemental Probate and Family Court Rule 401 for any family law matter. Processing income calculations, expenses, marital debts, and other parts of the marital estate can be tedious and complex. With Easysoft’s auto-calculating software, the difficult task of staying compliant and accurate is automated into the software to help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls.
  4. Consider your volume. If you are adding family law to your general practice, be sure you have the essential foundation to properly accommodate your family law clients. For Massachusetts, having software that is auto-populating with complaint and other CJ-D forms that are necessary in child support, visitation, and matrimonial cases can save you and your staff time and avoid the hassle and stress of needing to be sure your documents and figures are properly calculated and complete.
  5. Be sure your computer and software are portable and compatible. Adding a new practice area like family law means that you and your staff may need to access files from multiple locations like the office, from home, during mediation and possibly while conferring with adversarial counsel in court conference rooms. That is why having software you can access online at any time via office PC, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone can give you the versatility needed for your growing and busy practice. Also, not all matrimonial legal software solutions are compatible on all operating systems, especially macOS, so if you are a firm that uses Apple computers, be sure the software you are selecting is compatible. Easysoft’s online software is fully compatible with Apple products. Whether you are negotiating a settlement, needing to prepare and analyze multiple child support worksheets, or wanting to look at different scenarios for child support and more, be sure your software is easily accessible and compatible wherever work takes you.

Getting your firm started with the right foundation to handle family law matters means relying on the critical functions of legal software to help you and your staff efficiently and effectively assist your clients, compare child support, calculate alimony, and more. At the same time, you should not have to pay for extra features than you will not need or use, so choosing affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable software from Easysoft Family Law - Massachusetts is the best choice small firms can make. With Easysoft, you can experiment with multiple child support worksheets, enjoy once and done data entry, and rely on automated calculations that make it easy to produce error-free documents. Easysoft is compliant for Massachusetts family law matters and offers the essentials any general practitioner needs to be able to add matrimonial and divorce cases with ease and at an affordable price to new clients. Easysoft Family Law – Massachusetts is ready to use in minutes, requires no downloads or installation and provides free prompt US-based tech support.

Easysoft Legal Software was created for solo, small firm and general practice attorneys and their staff who want affordable, easy-to-use compliant, auto-populating and auto-calculating software. Easysoft the power you need at a price you can afford.

To learn more, visit Easysoft Family Law - Massachusetts, call 1-800-905-7638 extension 1, or email us.

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