Qualia vs Easysoft: Software Comparison for Real Estate Attorneys and Paralegals

What Real Estate Software is Right for Your Solo or Small Firm? Comparing Qualia and Easysoft

In this blog, we will address the needs of solo and small firm attorneys that are seeking a real estate closing software, such as Qualia and Easysoft. The market is flooded with software that helps streamline the real estate closing process, but sorting through the maze of products can be a challenge.

Starting with a list of pros and cons can be a good way to narrow your options, but even that can still lack the guidance needed to make a confident selection for your real estate closing business. That’s why we put this practical list of questions together to help real estate attorneys quickly and easily assess their needs vs. the many features available through various real estate closing software solutions.

Gather your staff, and start with these considerations:

  • Does the software cater to the legal community?
  • Is your practice more of a small general practice, handling real estate closings intermittently?
  • How many staff will be using the software?
  • Based on your firm size, what features do you need?
  • Does your legal practice handle a high-volume of real estate closings?
  • What is your budget? Most practices realize they need software to alleviate the time-consuming steps involved in closings. However, a budget is not established until after they discover the large price range and start comparing prices.
  • Is there a free trial? And can you fully use the software during the trial?
  • Will you and your staff need training? If so, is there an additional cost?
  • How is the software installed? Is it web-based, or are there installation requirements? If so, what are they, and do you need to involve an IT professional?

Now for some more involved considerations that are especially important to law practices:

  • Is the software TRID compliant? The Truth in Lending Act changed in 2015, and software should be compliant. The consequences of non-compliance have several tiers with penalties that can range from $5,000 per day to $1 million for known violations.
  • Does the software include automated CD, HUD-1, HUD-1A, and ALTA statements?
  • Does the software auto-calculate all the complex figures associated with a closing? Accuracy is the KEY to finding the right software.
  • How long has the company been in business? Consistency and history help ensure your law firm’s needs for TRID-compliance and accuracy are understood. Lawyers don’t have time to second guess these important elements when it comes to real estate closing software.
  • Does the software carry data across all the necessary documents? Once and done data entry is imperative for efficient real estate closings.
  • Can you e-file the 1099-S to the IRS? Many attorneys and their staff wait until the end of the year to file all 1099-S forms for their clients, but best practices show that file-as-you-go is the best and most efficient practice.
  • Can I access the software anywhere or does it need to be downloaded to a single computer?
  • Can the software export to QuickBooks or other popular bookkeeping programs?

While this might seem like a long list, it's better to have these questions before starting the software evaluation process. Not every firm is the same and neither are your closing software options. There is no one size fits all solution. Once you know the important features you need and have decided what you can afford, making the right choice for your firm should be easier.

Two popular software solutions that real estate legal professionals consider are Qualia and Easysoft. While both have their own benefits, it’s important to compare the two so you can make a more informed decision for your firm. Let’s dive in.


Qualia caters to title and escrow agents, realtors, lenders, settlement agents, real estate agents, and consumers. If you’re running a high-volume practice that require lots of features and options to collaborate with others during the closing experience, then Qualia might be a great choice.

Qualia is an all-in-one closing platform, designed for high-volume practices where title production may be just one of many services available. Essentially, you may end up paying big money for unused features intended to serve industries beyond what is needed within the legal real state scope.

Most real estate attorneys, especially solo or small firm practices, typically handle some closings, and in general, real estate settlement is typically part of most general practice law firms, so there’s usually not a need for all the options and abilities that Qualia offers.

In addition, consider the history of the software. Qualia was founded in 2015 and works with various users and organization types, including small and mid-sized businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Attorneys and law firms are a small portion of their users so the software and features are not specifically designed for needs of legal professionals. A “one size fits all” approach like this, may not be in the best interest of your law firm.

One of the highest priority factors when considering software for your business is the price. Qualia’s pricing might not fit your budget. According to review sites like Capterra, Qualia does not publish pricing information, which many times is a sign that it is more expensive than competitors. Features and tools are provided with individual pricing which can add up quickly and exceed the budget of most law firms. There is no free trial available with Qualia so you are already locked in a contract before you can use it and be sure it will meet your needs.


Easysoft’s real estate closing software is designed for lawyers by a practicing attorney. Trusted by the legal community for over 35 years, Easysoft has been the software of choice for solo and small firm attorneys, paralegals, and their staff.

Known for its consistency, reliability, and proven efficiency, Easysoft is also flexible and mobile, allowing users to get their work done in the office or on the go. Whether you are a real estate lawyer, general practitioner, or small firm attorney who handles a limited number of real estate cases each year, Easysoft is a great industry specific choice for all legal professionals. Easysoft’s real estate software program is the most beneficial solution for attorneys who need a practical, uncomplicated, and affordable option because Easysoft offers everything a real estate settlement attorney and their staff could need to complete a closing. With Easysoft, you get essential software for your firm’s needs. This includes once-and-done data entry, software that takes the guesswork out of complex calculations, an interactive ledger that exports to QuickBooks and other popular bookkeeping software, Free US-based tech support, and the popular automated forms most real estate closing transactions need. These include the Closing Disclosure (CD), HUD-1, Loan Estimate, and HUD-1A.

Easysoft is the most affordable real estate software available for attorneys and their staff, especially for those who handle closings as part of their general practice and but not as a primary area of practice.

Attorneys and paralegals everywhere say Easysoft is easy-to-use, practical, and trusted software available today. With our TRID-compliant software, users have access to features like 1099-S e-filing and the ability to work anywhere, at anytime.

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