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Automate Your Ledger to Save Time and Ensure Accuracy in your Real Estate Law Practice

Whether you practice real estate exclusively or handle a small number of residential closings as part of your general practice, there will always be a regular flow of funds in and out of your attorney trust account. With the potential risk of misallocating funds it's vital to your real estate law practice that you use an automated ledger for accurate numbers. 

Easysoft’s real estate software is CFPB compliant and is designed specifically for use with residential and commercial closing transactions. Don’t leave the most important part of your real estate law practice – the balanced and accurate ledger - to hand-written worksheets or multiple, disconnected products like spreadsheets and other digital documents and files. Enter your data once and watch the software handle the calculations and repetitive data entry, while you avoid all the stress that comes with the financial side of real estate closing work.

Why an Automated Ledger?
Real estate closings, property sales, and completing the CD or HUD-1 forms and process involves a confusing web of transactions:

  • Fees, commissions, taxes and other charges mean lots of payments need to go out.
  • Pre-disbursed items must be tracked along with payments made from buyer funds.
  • Deposits with brokers or other entities must be accounted for.
  • A single incoming deposit or outgoing payment might apply to several different properties. For example, rather than paying an inspector three different checks for three inspections, it would make more sense to write one check.

Handwritten memos, scribbled notes on your copy of the CD or HUD-1, clumsy spreadsheets, or other cobbled together systems aren't going to give the accurate and comprehensive record of all your transactions that a dedicated closing ledger will. Consider this, if you are audited, will you be able to clearly show the path of every dollar that has been through your hands? You will if you have an accurate closing ledger.

Fewer Errors in Real Estate Law Practice
Although you could use a simple excel spreadsheet to create a separate ledger, using specialized software will help you make fewer mistakes. With an outside ledger, you are required to enter each transaction yourself. If you make an error, you won't see it until the ledger doesn't balance, and then you will have the task of finding the mistake. Can you really afford to spend hours searching ALL your transactions? Taking the time to have to find the one or two entries that mistakenly have transposed digits, an arithmetic mistake, or a misplaced decimal point is much too cumbersome and aggravating.

Easysoft pulls information right from the CD and HUD so you know it's accurate and error-free. This saves time in 2 ways by automating the information that might otherwise be entered by hand and by eliminating entry errors and the time spent trying to find and correct them. All of the client information is easily available in one central location within the software, and all the numbers correspond with each other. Balance your books easily, and close up to 70% faster with Easysoft’s automated closing solution, designed specifically for real estate law practices.

Plus, with Easysoft real estate software, you’ll enjoy these fast and easy ledger features:

  • Split or combine checks across multiple properties or multiple vendors 
  • Ensure that every check and deposit is accounted for
  • Track single checks that apply to multiple sales or multiple checks that cover a single charge on the CD or HUD
  • Quickly and easily produce checks directly from the software so there’s no chance of errors with names or amounts due 
  • Export the ledger directly to QuickBooks

With Easysoft Real Estate Software, you’ll not only get high-quality, affordable, and easy to use software for your real estate law needs, you’ll also get our interactive ledger with specific real estate settlement features. You and your staff can feel confident in the data and figures being pulled directly from the CD or HUD, all the numbers will correspond with each other accurately, there will be no misspellings, and your books will be balanced for easy and faster closings.

For more information about Easysoft’s Real Estate Software, or to book a 20 minute demo so you and your staff can see how automating the ledger can help make your practice even more successful, click and schedule your demo or call 1-800-905-7638.

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