Your Little 1099-S Problem

It’s nearing the end of February. Recession aside, it was a solid year for real estate closings. Thanks to Easysoft’s Easy HUD software, you generated your HUD settlement statement without a hitch. Your billing is up to date, your trust accounts are flawless, your revenues are strong, and you’re feeling organized and happy as a lawyer can be.

There’s only one thing left to do. Your 1099-S filings. There’s a stack of them lurking—like miniature panic buttons. The longer you wait, the more painful it seems.

Don’t everyone groan at once.

For most real estate lawyers, the 1099-S is an annual bureaucratic task that can wait. And it does. Until, that is, it can’t.

The good news? Easysoft USA has an electronic filing service. It’s painless to implement. You just generate your forms as your clients close. And it’s part of Easysoft’s Easy HUD software package.

And with that, your little 1099-S problem is gone.

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