6 Reasons Your Real Estate Office Should Go Paperless

In 1975 the desktop computer was still two years off, nobody but university researchers knew what the internet was, and the concept of document imaging was something out of science fiction. This was the year that an article in Business Week Magazine coined an innovative term: the paperless office. It’s taken nearly 40 years for technology to catch up to this idea but the latest generation of HUD settlement statement software like Easy HUD has made it the paperless office not just a reality but a smart business decision. Here are just a few reasons to go paperless.

  1. Going Green – This is always the first argument. Save the trees. Don’t dump nasty paper-processing chemicals into the air. Don’t generate greenhouse gases from transporting all that heavy paper. We know that’s important but let’s be honest: once you get past that “rah rah save the planet” stuff, how does it affect your bottom line?

  2. Improve Your Image – Don’t just save the planet; tell people you are saving the planet! Let your customers know how committed you are to the environment, implying that those other companies that still use paper must hate all the poor baby seals or spotted owls or whatever the poster animal for the environment is lately.

  3. Cut Your Costs – Fill out a HUD 1 statement on the computer and you aren’t paying for paper, ink or toner, printer maintenance, file cabinets and all the other expenses associated with keeping large quantities of paper.

  4. Easy Access – If you need a particular document, would you rather spend hours pawing through a dusty file room or seconds calling it up on your computer? Not only is file access faster but it’s more versatile. Use the cloud version of Easy HUD and you’ll have access to all your customer documentation even when you are out of the office.

  5. Reliable Backup – How do you protect paper documents from disaster? Fireproof safes and water-tight basements might help until something you didn’t plan for comes along. You can make copies of all your HUD 1 settlement sheets and store them elsewhere, using more paper and running up more expenses. On the other hand if you have electronic documents you can easily back them up offsite, even having the job run automatically every night.

  6. Instant Delivery – Today when someone wants a HUD closing statement now, that means now and not tomorrow. Sure you can fax a paper document but how many people still have fax lines? On the other hand, how many people have email? It’s easy and quick to fire off a PDF document from right inside Easy HUD.

It’s not 1975 so stop using 1975 technology. Upgrade to the latest law practice management software to keep your real estate practice on the cutting edge of technology.

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