5 Ways To Simplify Your Closing Process

When you squander your time, you increase operating costs and devastate your profits. Real estate deals are handled on a flat fee basis so the best way to maximize your profit is to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce your HUD-1 settlement statement. Easy HUD can reduce your closing time by up to 70% but only if you take advantage of every feature. Here are five ways you get the most from the Easy HUD suite of utilities.

  1. Figuring The NETs - Don’t forget to check the NET flag on charges that are lender deducted or disbursed. Click on the “Tools” menu and then “Lender Worksheet” to see the gross mortgage amount and a list of itemized deductions. This feature is already included in our title closing software.

  2. Fast And Accurate Documents - Real estate paperwork isn’t just about the HUD 1 statement. Add the Real Estate Documents module and gain access to hundreds of customizable forms including letters, contracts and checklists. The software uses the information you’ve already entered for the HUD form to complete the paperwork so you know any document you produce will be accurate.

  3. Accountant In A Box - Handle all the financial transactions yourself by adding the Ledger module. Balance the account, print checks and produce a closing ledger without the need for an outside accountant. The software works with our Easy Trust escrow software to help you manage accounts easily.

  4. Trustworthy Trust Accounts - Speaking of Easy Trust, are you on top of all of your firm’s trust account actions? Mismanaging trusts is one of the leading causes of attorney disbarment and real estate agent license revocation. Trust administration doesn’t have to be hard if you purchase Easy Trust for effortless escrow transaction management.

  5. Easy Tax Forms - File your 1099-S forms electronically with the click of a mouse by enrolling in our free 1099-S filing service. Not only can you be certain the forms are accurate, but the IRS actually prefers electronic forms over paper submissions. Each filing costs you only a nominal $10 fee and you get immediate confirmation the form was received.

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