3 Rules to Follow When Making the Right Software Selection for Your Practice

Making a decision on software to help run your family law and real estate closing practice is an important decision that will have an effect on your process. When making an educated comparison on which software best fits your needs, it’s key to analyze certain factors that can help you make a decision. As consumers we can develop a habit of choosing based on price alone which can lead to an uneven comparison during the selection process. In this article we will dive into 3 rules to follow when making a decision on software for your practice.

Making the Right Software Selection for Your Practice

Rule #1 – Compare each software’s features with your needs

First, it’s key to understand your practice’s needs for software and compare them with what is offered by each provider. For example, if having the option of being able to choose between a desktop or cloud version is an important factor it would be best to narrow down your selection based on those features. Making these types of assessments allow you to understand your practice’s must have features that are needed versus the features you would like to have, but may not necessarily need.

Rule #2 – Understand Your Access to Support and Training Resources  

It’s important to be aware of the access you have to support and training resources that can guide you through the process as a customer. Working with a software provider that is responsive to your immediate needs keeps your business running fast and efficient with minimal downtime. For example, choosing a software provider like Easysoft Legal Software who provides customers the added value of live chat support  allowing for immediate access to answers to user’s questions as they arrive. This type of offering keeps momentum flowing eliminating downtime and errors from possible issues. 

Rule #3 – Avoid the Race to Zero Dollars

Striving to find the cheapest software solution for your business can lead to a path of spending more money in the long run. It’s important to understand your long term goals and how it will affect your business from months to years down the line. If a cheaper solution doesn’t provide the full features and support needed, it will cost you more money than is originally shown. Slowing down your process will make your business less efficient and profitable. Remember you are looking for a software solution to add value to your practice, not a software cost that adds an expense.

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