HUD Key Features

HUD Key Features:
  • Compliant with 2015 CFPB rule changes for HUD forms
  • Generate RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statements
  • Comprehensive Tax Proration to calculate city/county/school/condominium/sewer tax, including whether seller has overpaid or underpaid tax
  • GFE-HUD Comparison Sheet: Enter GFE and POC amounts and select tolerances to calculate GFE-HUD Comparison automatically
  • Prorate line 901 interest changes automatically
  • Calculate total payoff amounts automatically by entering payoff data on HUD line 504/505
  • Prepare disbursement ledger
  • Enter up to eight buyer or seller names
  • Print HUD statements
Ledger Module
  • Pre-filled with date, amount, payee, payor and memo information, the Easysoft Legal Software ledger module helps to generate accurate ledger statements
  • Automatic adjustments are made for pre-dispersed items or earned deposits
  • Checks may be split or combined where necessary
  • Optional: add buyer/seller authorizations with printed ledger statement
Electronic 1099-S Filing and Reporting
  • Enroll in our electronic 1099-S Filing Service so you can file online as you go
  • Prepare 1099-S substitute or exemption forms if needed
  • Submit 1099-S directly from Easysoft Legal Software and receive an instant confirmation number
  • Minimize IRS rejections for incomplete submissions and associated fines. Easysoft Legal Software checks and flags HUD data prior to submission
  • Print log of year-to-date submissions instantly.

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