Avoid the 1099-S Year-End Rush with Real Estate Law Software for Your Firm.

Real estate law firms have many responsibilities during the closing process, but those responsibilities don’t end with the exchange of signatures and keys. Closing agents and law firms that conduct real estate closings are required by the IRS to submit Form 1099-S. This form provides the IRS with details regarding the sale or exchange of real estate, a transaction that may be a taxable event.

The IRS examines this document to determine if the seller indeed owes real estate taxes on any proceeds from the transaction that qualify as gains from the sale. Since the forms aren’t due until the following year, many closing agents and law firms will hold on to them throughout the year and then file all of the 1099-S forms at one time. Although it may sound like a good idea, in reality this practice is not considered best practices for today’s real estate law firms.

To ensure all forms are filed on time and correctly, closing agents and law firms must have an outstanding records system. In some cases you may be filing forms for a real estate closing that happened over 12 months prior. You can’t rely on memory to make sure the forms get filed accurately and on time.

To make matters even more complicated, 1099-S forms aren’t due on April 15 like other tax filings. They must be filed manually in February or electronically in March of the year of filing. For a closing that happened in 2022, the form was due to the IRS by February 28, 2023, if filed manually, or by March 31, 2023, if e-filed.

As the closing agent, your real estate law firm can face fines and penalties for not filing 1099-S forms on time. With Easysoft’s real estate law firm software you can file 1099-S forms electronically on the day of the closing as one of your final checklist items. This will eliminate the compounded rush that typically occurs each year and allows you to file with specific details and data still fresh in your mind.

Prepare and File 1099-S Forms with Easysoft’s Real Estate Law Firm Software

Easysoft’s real estate software for law firms, includes our signature automated HUD and CD forms. Our HUD and CD automation streamlines the entire real estate closing process from start to finish. With Easysoft, real estate attorneys and closing agents can also prepare 1099-S substitute or exemption forms through the 1099-S integration feature. With this electronic filing capability, law firms can file 1099-S forms at the time of closing and it only costs $10 per filing.

Reporting 1099-S Forms Just Got Easier

All that is needed for law firms to start submitting 1099-S forms electronically within the software, is to enroll in the service by making a free InfoTrack account and then connecting it within your Easysoft software. After that, you are able to submit as many forms as you need with just one click from our real estate closing software. You’ll receive a confirmation notice and can then rest easy knowing your 1099-S for that closing file, has been electronically submitted, safely, and securely.

Easysoft’s real estate legal practice software is designed to eliminate the chance of errors and incomplete forms that firms can experience due to manual human error. The program automatically populates the form based on HUD and CD form data and then validates that information prior to your firm’s submission. You will never have to worry about needing to locate missing information months after the closing when you use Easysoft’s 1099-S e-filing feature.

Electronic filing means you can complete all of your responsibilities for the closing right away as part of the final closing process. This eliminates the risk of missing a deadline or possibly having a transaction slip through the cracks because you waited and mailed all of your forms at once. You will also save significant staff time by not having to fill out, double-check, stamp, and mail all of your forms in a bulk manual process.

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