Working together for a happier divorce

Collaborative divorce may seem like an oxymoron. If a couple can’t work out their marital difficulties then how can they agree on a divorce settlement? In fact there are many cases, especially in no-fault divorce states like New York, where couples can work out an agreement without a bitter court battle. Reasons couples choose collaborative divorce include the fact that it’s less expensive than contested divorce, it’s a faster process and it’s easier on the children. Reducing the divorce to a financial transaction can defuse much of the underlying emotion and make the split easer for both spouses to accept.

Compromise for each party

Couples have more control over the outcome when they can work out an agreement on their own. If the case goes to court then nobody can predict how the judge will rule. Court-mandated agreements can end up leaving both parties feeling like they lost. Using NY family law software, New York attorneys can find a compromise that leave each party satisfied.

Real value of the assets

New York matrimonial law net worth software objectively values the couple’s assets and income to come up with an equitable division of property. Lawyers are able to evaluate the real value of cars, homes and other possessions as well as less tangible assets like pension plans. They can then parcel out the property to each spouse, weighing assets against each other so each party gets both fair financial value and fair emotional value.

Multiple child support scenarios preparation

Attorneys calculate child support and temporary New York state spousal support with the click of a button, although collaborative divorces can happen so quickly that temporary spousal support may not even be necessary. They can prepare multiple support scenarios to find one that benefits both parties as well as any children involved.

New York Net Worth statement data input

Software also generates the obligatory New York net worth statement more quickly. Attorneys share financial information so each will be working from the same net worth statement. There will be no confusion about exactly how much each spouse is worth.

Nobody benefits when a divorce drags out–well nobody but the attorneys and even they don’t enjoy long and ugly divorces. Collaborative family law practices use law practice management software to optimize, automate and simplify the divorce process. With the divorce resolved quickly, each spouse can move on and start a new life.

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