Streamline Your New York Uncontested Divorce Practice with EZSupport New York Software

New York family law professionals, now you can easily automate your New York divorce forms and worksheets, including the popular UD 8 forms and more with specialized software solutions for New York uncontested divorces.

Let EzSupport New York help you process the important aspects of your next uncontested divorce case, including data collection and generation of common divorce forms, Statement of Net Worth, and child and spousal support worksheets. You and your staff can also track case time spent with a built-in timer and produce log statements for billing purposes.


EzSupport New York makes it easy for you to:

  • Collect data electronically, reducing time and errors
  • Automatically produce New York divorce forms, including summons, complaints, affidavits and more
  • Automate complex calculations
  • Automate the New York Statement of Net Worth.
  • Update and complete the UD 8-1 Annual Income Worksheet, UD 8-2 maintenance Guidelines Worksheet, UD - 8-3 Child Support Worksheet and more
  • Compare and experiment with support options based on different incomes or deductions, all within the same client file so you can locate the best possible scenario for your client instantly. Compare as many as five support scenarios side by side.
  • Fully customize forms and the ability to add your own documents.

New York Divorce Forms

  • Enter an unlimited number of expense items and get automatic calculations so you can handle complex cases, such as parties with multiple houses.
  • Enter and automatically see the adjustment for an unlimited number of asset and debt items in the Statement of Net Worth
  • Enter and automatically convert weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly income and expense values.
  • Mark asset and debt values TBD, Unknown or Estimated.
  • Edit the completed Statement of Net Worth New York with a built-in editor
  • Use Endnotes to add documentation to important figures throughout the New York Net Worth Statement.
  • All temporary maintenance and child support calculations are automatic and in accordance with New York guidelines. Simply enter the parties’ basic data, income and deductions and both temporary maintenance and child support worksheets are ready!
  • View all worksheet alerts and exceptions from one central location.
  • Instantly convert any data value to annual value as required.

New York Statement of Net Worth

  • Generate forms automatically from a common set of data.
  • The built-in document editor allows you to add an unlimited number of your own forms. You can even add your own fields.
  • Customize any provided form or add new forms. No need for any other word processing, spell checker or PDF tools.
  • View merged documents on screen with the data filled in exactly as it will print. Make any needed changes and print or email.

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