Why You Need NY Family Law Software to Complete All Your Divorce Forms

The less time you spend on tedious paperwork, the more time you can spend on giving your clients the service they deserve. Software helps you complete the New York Statement of Net Worth but that’s not the only document your practice needs to generate. A complete family law solution generates all a divorce’s paperwork quickly, easily and accurately.

The Problem of Manual Forms

There are a few attorneys out there who complete the NY net worth statement by hand. It’s slow and prone to error, but some of them do it. Or maybe they have a legal assistant do the paperwork, but that’s no better. Every entry has to be double checked to be sure it wasn’t written in wrong. Every calculation you do on a calculator is a chance to make a mistake. You have a computer, so why do it by hand?

You might find a PDF form you can fill out on the computer but that still leaves the problem of completing the calculations accurately. A simple arithmetic mistake can create an error that could slow down the case resolution. And what about other forms? What if you need to issue documentation about child support or property settlements? You have to pull the information out of your case files by hand and that means you can make errors.

Let Software Do the Work

A comprehensive New York State spousal support and child support solution like EzSupport-NY includes the ability to generate the documentation you need. This starts, of course, with the Statement of Net Worth. Enter the case information and then let the software fill in the form and do the calculations automatically. If changes need to be made, you make them in one place and the form updates instantly. Speed and accuracy let you generate the net worth statement with confidence.

EzSupport-NY generates a host of other family law documentation as well, from government forms like UD-8 (Child Support Worksheet) to a client intake form for initial information gathering. Each of these pulls from the same data set as the Statement of Net Worth so you see the name information on every document. You can even customize these forms and create new ones.

Don’t settle for halfway solutions. You need law practice management software that meets all the needs of the modern family law practice. Contact us to find out how our practice management products help you run an efficient practice.

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