What Kind of Errors Can My HUD-1 Software Prevent?

Oh, human errors. They’re so natural—and so unfortunately inevitable. If you don’t think it can happen to you, think again. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, or how many times you go over your data, your numbers, and your deals. But the human eye can’t catch everything—and everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, the error isn’t yours: it’s the mortgage company’s, or the title company’s. So let us count a few wrongs!

Common Scenario #1. Let’s say you are creating a new HUD closing statement. Your modus operandi is to take an old HUD settlement statement, and pop your new numbers into the various fields. But have you ever done something like this, and found the old numbers hanging around? Perhaps they’re in fields that you thought you changed, but didn’t. Perhaps they’re in fields that were inapplicable to the new deal—but haven’t been deleted. Needless to say, this kind of approach is ripe for error—and can ripple throughout a deal.

Easy Solution 1: Easysoft’s Easy HUD Software captures all case information at the outset—using a fresh set of HUD forms and other documents. You never have to worry about the embarrassment—and inaccuracy—of stale info again.

Common Scenario #2. You’re representing the buyer for the sale of a home. Your client remits $300,000 to pay off the seller’s mortgage. Three years later, the buyer is now the seller. The title company found that the lender never recorded a mortgage release for that $300,000—and technically, the lender still has a lien.

Easy Solution 2: If you have Easysoft’s Easy HUD Software, you’ve got the information for the fix right in your current software. There’s no need to send a paralegal to a cold dark storage facility, or spend a late night going through one dinosaur hard drive after another.

Common Scenario #3. The lender overcharged his mortgagee by something small and undetectable: say $50. This mistake is discovered at the closing. With the new RESPA rules, you can’t just write a check for $50 to fix it—you’ve got to file an amended HUD settlement statement.

Easy Solution 3: If you have Easysoft’s Easy HUD Software, you can generate a new HUD closing statement faster than you can say “fifty bucks.”  You shred the old and voila! Problem solved.

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