Legal Software: The Secret To Faster Real Estate Closing

Your commission on a real estate deal doesn’t change if you spend a lot of time on the transaction. If you can speed up closing then you are effectively increasing your hourly rate. Introducing your new secret weapon: Legal software for real estate. 

Easy HUD real estate closing legal software by Easysoft is best known for streamlining the HUD 1 form, but it has another tool that greatly speeds up closing: the task tracker.

Organization = Profits

A single real estate transaction involves dozens of steps including meeting with the client, scheduling inspections, reviewing the mortgage and distributing copies of closing documentation. It can be a nightmare tracking all of these steps since if you forget even one of them it can delay or even nullify the deal. Some agents delegate tasks to assistants in order to focus on handling more clients, but then you need to track both your own activities and those of someone else. If you have more than one deal going on simultaneously then the difficulty increases dramatically. And, an assistant’s salary will increase your bottom line — unlike legal software.

You can try to keep track of tasks on hastily scribbled sheets of paper but that is fraught with even more problems. If you try to create each task list by hand then you run the risk of forgetting steps. If you work from a pre-printed sheet then you lock yourself into a rigid structure and leave no room for specialized tasks that might be needed for certain sales. Inevitably you will get confused and end up using one property’s to do list on another house. What you really need is a task list integrated with the HUD settlement statement. What you really need is legal software for closing that is programmed not to mess up. 

Built-In Task Management

Easy HUD includes a task management sheet as a part of every case file. The legal software already has a default list of tasks to use as a template but you can edit that to create your own standard list of jobs for each sale. Add, remove or edit steps on individual task lists to create a list tailored for every sale.

In addition to the description, give each task a responsible party, a due date and a priority as well as a space for additional notes. Sort the task list with one click so you can easily see tasks by person, due date, completion status or any other factor.

Automation for the win 

Real estate legal software that is able to automate simple or repetitive tasks has many benefits for attorneys. 

Perhaps most importantly, it helps to save time on tasks that would otherwise be completed manually. This includes tasks such as creating legal documents, conducting research, and managing client data. 

In addition, legal software automation can help to improve accuracy and consistency, both of which are critical in the legal field. By streamlining these and other tasks, legal software automation can help attorneys to be more productive and efficient, ultimately leading to increased revenues. 

In today's competitive legal market, any edge can make a big difference, and legal software automation is one tool that can give real estate attorneys a significant advantage.

Errors are expensive

When it comes to legal compliance, there is no room for error. That's why real estate attorneys rely on legal software for closing to keep them up-to-date and compliant with the latest legal regulations. 

Not only does this legal software help to ensure accuracy, but it also helps to prevent errors that can be costly. Fixing mistakes takes more time out of your day, increasing your time spent on a project but not increasing your commission. And, mistakes may cost you future clients if they hurt your reputation. 

In addition, closing legal software can help to keep track of deadlines and filings, making it easier to stay organized and on top of things and error-free. And when you're error-free, you're saving yourself from potential losses. 

Closing a real estate transaction can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, by utilizing legal software, real estate agents can automate tasks and speed up the process. In doing this, you can increase your hourly rate and make more money on each deal. Easy HUD has built-in task management that will help you stay organized so you can focus on what’s important – closing deals. 

Easy HUD is more than just HUD 1 software. It is a full-featured real estate management tool that is essential in a modern practice. Contact Easysoft to find out the many other ways Easy HUD streamlines your real estate business. Book a demo today to see how our legal software can help you become a more efficient and profitable real estate attorney!

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