The Secret To A More Efficient Real Estate Practice

Time is what we want most, but what, alas! we use worst — William Penn, 1693

Time is money — Benjamin Franklin, 1748

Four centuries later, those statements are as true as they were in their day. We feel like we don’t have enough time but that is because we squander it by working inefficiently, and when we waste time we waste money. Today we have time-saving tools that Penn and Franklin couldn’t have even imagined, but the tools work only if we use them efficiently.

Our clients report that Easy HUD allows them to complete the HUD 1 settlement statement in 70% less time than it takes to do it by hand. Easy form completion and centralized case data allow the forms to be completed more quickly. Automatic calculations are not only faster than punching numbers into a calculator, but eliminate arithmetic errors that can take hours to track down.

Easysoft’s HUD program is more than an easy way to complete a HUD 1 statement. It includes other time management tools that streamline every aspect of your real estate practice.

There is one piece of advice common to every time management book and class you can find: Write It Down! Trying to keep your schedule in your head creates a disorganized muddle and has you jumping from task to task. Making lists focuses your efforts and ensures you’ll never forget important details.

This is why we incorporate a task list and a to-do list so you can easily track tasks whether you are a single-person office or if you delegate to a team of professionals. The calendar shows you appointments, filing dates and other important information at a glance. Track the electronic documents associated with a particular HUD closing statement using the LinkedDocs tab, which not only lists the documents but links to their location on your computer or office network.

When you optimize your real estate office, you can do more with less. You spend less time on each case allowing you to handle more cases. You reduce errors. You provide better service to your clients.

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