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Divorce cases in New York generate a lot of paperwork for two reasons: regulations and negotiations. State law says attorneys must complete the New York Statement of Net Worth as well as supporting worksheets detailing spousal and child support. In addition, attorneys bargain from a stronger position if they have figures to back up offers made to the other party.

Completing these worksheets by hand is tedious and prone to errors. Trying to use a spreadsheet program ensures your calculations are right, but you have to fill in all the New York state spousal support and child support equations yourself and update them if state law changes. If you enter an equation wrong then you propagate that error to every worksheet created.

If you use dedicated New York divorce software like EzSupport-NY then the setup has already been done for you. All you have to do is enter basic case information on income and deductions, and the software does the rest. Electronic data collection such as our SupportNYLite Word document, or our secure online web portal, NY AutoFill, make the process even easier by allowing clients to provide information that can be imported into the software with a click.

Once the data is entered you instantly have the support figures the state requires and your negotiations need. Centralized alerts make it easy to spot problems by looking in one place rather than having to pore over each worksheet.

Negotiation is about offering alternatives and software makes that easy. New York child support software allows you to examine multiple custodial scenarios and compare as many as five results side by side. You find the best option for your client, and can also give the opposing attorney options in the hope you can reach common ground quickly. Use the cloud version of EzSupport-NY and you can modify your worksheets in the field anywhere you have internet access, and from any computer (Windows, Mac, iPad, Android).

Share your work with the client, opposing attorney and other parties by saving worksheets as PDF or Microsoft Word files and then emailing them from within EzSupport-NY.

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