Tablet-Based HUD Forms For Agents On The Go

Real estate deals can move fast and agents need to be able to react just as quickly. A buyer who’s found a dream home wants to move in as soon as possible. The seller wants the deal to be over with to be able to focus on a new home. The biggest obstacle to a rapid transaction is completing the HUD settlement statement form. Software helps, but does it help enough?

Real estate closing software helps real estate agents close deals in a fraction of the time it used to take. Agents can complete closing forms quickly and accurately with no chance of a simple arithmetic error holding up the deal. The software can generate documents such as contracts and affidavits without the agent needing to enter the information more than once. The computerized real estate office has an enormous competitive advantage over offices still completing stacks of paperwork by hand.

Agents don’t just want to be able to complete HUD forms quickly. They want to be able to enter the information from anywhere. Laptops were an enormous boon to the real estate industry, allowing agents to do the paperwork in a buyer’s or seller’s home where the client felt more comfortable. The flexibility allowed agents to close deals more quickly.

Of course today laptops are bulky and archaic compared to tablets. Wouldn’t it be great if an agent could carry all the forms and software needed to close a deal on a tablet? Well you can as long as that tablet has access to cloud-based HUD settlement statement software like Easy HUD.

Agents using cloud software can access client files from anywhere with an internet connection. They can use Windows computers, Macs, and yes even tablets. It’s easy to interview clients, get the information needed and enter it right on the tablet without the client needing to come into the office. The forms can be printed or can be sent as PDF or RTF files.

Like all of Easysoft’s cloud-based law practice management software, Easy HUD is easily accessible and yet also protected against unauthorized intrusion. Your client information is protected against digital threats such as viruses and hackers, and is automatically backed up for an extra layer of security.

Find out more about how Easy HUD helps you close real estate deals more quickly by downloading a demo or contacting Easysoft at 800-905-763 for more information.

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