State Of The Disunion: Why Easysoft Offers State-Specific Divorce Software

As you peruse our catalog you might notice we offer five different family law software applications: one on divorce financial settlement that covers all 50 states, and four state-specific titles designed to calculate alimony and child support in New York,New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Is it necessary to have so many products? We think so.

At its core, divorce law is pretty similar from state to state. There are basic rules about property division, spousal maintenance and child support that are common in all areas. This is why family law attorneys across the country can benefit from our Divorce Financials Software no matter where they are located.

However there are unique situations and laws in each state, and every state government has its own bureaucratic maze of forms to fill out. That is why we wanted to offer more specialized software to attorneys in specific states.

So attorneys who need NY family law software to help them complete forms like the New York statement of net worth have a dedicated software solution. They don’t have to try to create a customized form in Microsoft Word or try to convert some other state’s form to satisfyNew York state law.

On the other hand, an attorney in Pennsylvania needs a Pennsylvania child support calculator that takes into account PA Guidelines 1910.16-1 through 1910.16-7 and other divorce and support regulations in that state. A firm in New Jersey wants software that helps them complete the NJ CIS (Case Information Statement) form, and an Arizona practice needs an Arizona child support calculator that takes into account the June 1, 2011 increase in the self-support reserve for parents in that state.

Do we have 50 versions of our software, one for each state? No not yet, but we are working on it. We want to be sure every new version of our specialized spousal and child support calculators account for all the laws in that state and can be updated promptly when legislators change the rules.

Tell us if you are interested in divorce financial settlement software custom tailored to your state’s regulations and we will let our law practice management software developers know

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