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Our focus at Easysoft is software to help real estate agents and attorneys automate and simplify their practices so they can serve their clients better. However we’re going to do something shocking–refer you to someone else’s products! Recently, as part of National Consumer Protection Week, HUD released two mobile apps distressed homeowners can use to get the help they need.

HUD Counselor Lookup allows consumers to find HUD-approved counselors to help them learn their rights, evaluate their current financial situation and find tools to help them meet their goals. HUD-approved counselors provide impartial advice to home buyers, homeowners and renters. This app makes it easy for anyone to find an agency in the local area or anywhere in the country.

The other HUD program is the Housing Discrimination Complaint Application, which makes it easy for people to notify HUD when they have been discriminated against during they buying, financing or renting process. After customers use the app to file the complaint, an intake specialist will contact the filer for an interview to see if HUD can proceed with the investigation.

Both of these apps are available as free downloads and work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. See the links above for specific requirements. To be clear, Easysoft has no affiliation with the development of these apps or with the Apple Store. We just thought they were neat little free tools.

These apps are targeted at consumers but can be useful for real estate professionals as well. They serve as valuable components of a software toolkit that also includes Easysoft HUD settlement statement software and other legal management software.

Our RESPA software is meant for real estate professionals but we indirectly help clients as well. Agents and attorneys who use our products are able to file HUD paperwork more quickly. The forms are more likely to be complete and correct, minimizing the chance of errors that can slow down the purchase or refinance process. Plus the software keeps an eye out to be sure nobody inadvertently violates HUD rules.

Check out these HUD apps for yourself–and be sure to look at Easysoft’s real estate title software too! If you aren’t using our tools already, then download a free demo to see how simple HUD paperwork can be.

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