There’s been much ado about the new RESPA law that went into effect in early 2010. The new HUD Settlement Statements are long and convoluted. Lenders and settlement agents need to make their good faith estimates more exacting. Are the regulations too strict? Not strict enough? How are they enforced? Some are calling for more change, just as we’re all still figuring out the new requirements.

But if you have Easysoft’s Easy HUD software, you know you’re in compliance with the most updated laws. You also know that we will try to ease your change.

This Real Estate Closing Software automates everything for your HUD 1 closing. We said everything : your closing forms, your HUD closing statement, ensuring HUD is balanced, your 1099-S statements (you can even file them with us—paperlessly), and your disbursements… come closing time.

The software automatically figures out who gets what and how much, it makes the disbursement.

Easy HUD’s power and ease are why it’s the one of the most popular HUD form software in our market, in the U.S. It’s why thousands of real estate settlement agents use it—and why that was the case before, and after the RESPA changes.

Lenders appreciate Easysoft’s Easy HUD software, too. It gives your lender a certain comfort level—and a certain confidence about your calculations specially as it pertains to GFEs.

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