Recover From Disaster With Hurricane-Proof Software

The New York area has seen numerous extreme weather events lately, events that have jeopardized, among other things, business databases. What would your practice do if you lost all of your client information? Arguably it’s possible to gather the data again but that’s a long process that is going to waste countless hours, and it doesn’t help if you have a New York State spousal support hearing later that the same day.

Manual backups are the most obvious protection. Backup utilities are easy to use and archive information from your practice’s NY family law software onto external media such as DVDs, flash drives or tapes. The problem is if you haven’t moved those archives to another location then the same disaster that claims your computers will destroy the backups as well. Shipping them to offsite storage is a bother and can be expensive.

A number of businesses are turning to online backup solutions. These utilities automatically back up your New York divorce software and other files over the internet to servers located far from your office. They use encrypted transmissions, leading edge data protection technology and redundant storage systems to ensure your data is completely safe from threats such as viruses, hackers and natural disasters. This is often a more flexible solution than manual backups but there is one problem: what if your office computers are destroyed?

In that case your data is safe and recoverable but you have no software to access the files themselves. You have to go through the process of buying new computers and re-installing the software–oh wait, the installation discs were destroyed as well. This takes time you and your clients don’t have.

Luckily there is now a third option: New York family law software such as EzSupport-NY can now be found in cloud versions. This means not only is your data stored safely online but so is the software itself.

In a worst-case scenario your entire office has been destroyed in a disaster. Your attorneys can continue practicing right from their home computers without a break in service. You could have a court date a few hours after a catastrophe and yet no one will even realize there was a problem. You will still have full access to client files while an opposing attorney recovering from the same city-wide disaster has to make excuses about not being ready.

Cloud versions of Easysoft’s law practice management software protect you from more than just natural disasters. Fire or theft could also devastate your office, leaving you unable to work if you rely on traditional desktop-based tools. Protect your practice and your clients by moving your business into the cloud.

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