Price and Quality: When Is Cheap Too Cheap?

As a professional you’ve probably faced the problem of pricing. If you set your rates too high then you get no business as clients go to your less expensive competitors. If you set it too low then you are laboring for peanuts and cheating yourself out of a reasonable income. Finding a happy medium takes time and experience.

Association of cost to quality

However people often overlook another aspect of price: customers tend to associate cost with quality. They assume that a more expensive product is better than a cheaper alternative, even if that’s not the case. A professional who sets low rates in an effort to offer services to people who might otherwise be unable to afford them might be perceived as less skilled than the competition.

Quality and affordability hand in hand

It works that way in software as well. If you look on the page of testimonials for Easy HUD, Easysoft’s HUD settlement statement software, you might see a comment by William Bronchick who said, “I was almost afraid that since it was so affordable that it wouldn’t be good…” Our efforts to develop inexpensive tools for the completion of the HUD 1 settlement statement might actually be hurting us! People might actually be afraid to try a product that seems to be priced too low.

Amazing features for an inexpensive package

We’d like to point out that Mr. Bronchick goes on to say, “…but the opposite turned out to be true – it’s awesome!” We are pleased that he took the time to evaluate our RESPA software and found that we really do pack all those amazing features into such an inexpensive package.

An army of satisfied users

Right now over 15,000 legal, accounting and real estate professionals use Easysoft law practice management software products, and the legal profession doesn’t generally go for the cheap option when there is a better choice out there. We believe we offer the best legal software you can find, but don’t take our word for it.

If you are worried that our real estate title software might not be as robust and capable as you need it to be then we encourage you to download a demo and give it a try for yourself. Better yet, buy the full product and try it for 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied then let us know and we will cheerfully refund your money.

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