Paper Documents Are So Five Minutes Ago

Attorneys are finding that an increasing percentage of their clients want to do everything electronically. Many people prefer to handle business matters sitting in a coffee shop using a smartphone or tablet rather than dealing with traditional paper documents. Practices that don’t use law office management software with electronic document capabilities are going to find themselves growing irrelevant in a digital world.

All of Easysoft’s legal software programs include electronic document capabilities. Any time you need to print a document, ranging from a HUD-1 form to a divorce financial settlement report you also have the option of saving the document for easy emailing. Available formats depend on the document being produced but include PDF, Excel, Word and Crystal Reports. The saved document can be emailed to clients, attorneys or other interested parties.

What about document clients send to you? If you receive a PDF version of a person’s most recent tax return as part of a divorce financial settlement case, you certainly can print it and put it in the case file but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Many of Easysoft legal software programs include a document linking feature that allows you to associate the case with electronic documents located on your computer or your company network. You can call up these documents while reviewing the case from your desk without having to send someone to the file room to pull the client’s folder.

Our goal is not to force attorneys into this new electronic document model, but rather to offer options. Some attorneys prefer the traditional method of paper documents. Clients may not have the capability to produce electronic document. Indeed we’ve heard rumors that there are even clients out there who don’t own computers at all! Easysoft law office management software offers an array of useful and easy-to-understand tools to attorneys in addition to electronic document handling.

Even if your practice prefers to stick with hardcopy documents, you shouldn’t shut yourself off from the clients who want to use electronic methods. If you want to print a copy of a HUD-1 form for your files while emailing the PDF to the client, you can do that with our law practice management software. Similarly if you are trying to go electronic but you have a few clients who insist on paper reports, then you still have the option of printing and snail-mailing documents and invoices while retaining electronic copies for yourself.

Try a demo of Easysoft law practice management software and see for yourself how we offer our customers choices rather than rigid and pre-defined solutions.

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