Octo-HUD: Print Your HUD Forms Eight Different Ways

Easysoft software simplifies the process of completing and printing RESPA compliant HUD settlement statements. The standard 3-page HUD-1 form is fine in many cases but often you need to extract only certain information. The Advanced Printing module in Easy HUD adds seven more standard report formats so you can print eight different versions of the HUD to suit your needs. These new reports can be found on the top menu under “Modules > Advanced Printing”

One of the new formats is the Without Total option. This prints the full HUD 1 but without summing the entries and calculating the totals. Although our products are designed to be portable so the agent can use it on a laptop or use the cloud version on a tablet, sometimes changes will be made to the form at closing without access to the software. Agents can print the form without totals, make any changes at closing, and then fill in the totals after calculating them manually.

The Itemizations report first shows the user a list of itemization categories that have been established on the current form. The user checks the desired categories and then clicks “Print” to generate a list of the charges in each selected category, as well as a total for each category.

The above two reports as well as full HUD forms are available for both refinancing (HUD 1) and purchase (HUD 1A) applications. Purchase transactions have five more report formats available.

Clients may not need the entire HUD-1 form for their own records. In fact including too much information can be confusing to the client. Easy HUD users can use the Advanced Printing Module to print a Buyer Only HUD that includes only the information from the Buyer column of the full form. Users can also print a Seller Only HUD that, as you probably guessed, is a HUD form with only the Seller information on it.

Sometimes even these simplified HUD forms are still too much information. Clients, agents or other parties might just need a basic summary of the information. The Advanced Printing Module offers a Buyer Summary Sheet that generates a simplified report listing the buyer’s portion of the transactions on the HUD. The Seller Summary Sheet does the same but lists only the seller’s share. Finally the Buyer/Seller Summary Sheet shows all transactions but does so in a form that is easier to read than a full HUD printout.

As with the main HUD printout and with all documents produced by Easysoft law practice management software, these reports can be printed or can be saved as PDF or RTF files for easy emailing.

Find out more about additional modules available for this and other law practice management software products by contacting one of our helpful representatives today.

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