New York Family Law Software For The Non-Technical Lawyer

We realize that not all attorneys like computers. People don’t need to always jump on the latest technology bandwagon just because everyone else is. However there comes a point where avoiding technology hurts your practice. EzSupport-NY is New York divorce lawyer software designed to be intuitive and usable even by the most computer-illiterate attorneys out there.

Living In The Stone Age

We’ve known attorneys who are perfectly happy without smartphones or tablets or even email. And although, as software developers, we think computers are pretty cool, we understand that not all technology is necessarily a benefit to your practice. However before you ride in your horse drawn carriage to your gas lit office, we’d like to point out that if you don’t embrace at least some technology you are keeping yourself from being competitive.

The NY statement of net worth is a complex document. Filling it out by hand wastes hours of your time, and no matter how good you are with your adding machine you can’t do the math as quickly or accurately as a computer can. It takes you more hours to handle a divorce case than someone who uses the right technology, and that makes it hard for you to stay profitable.

Technology Is Your Friend

When you use EzSupport-NY, the hours of work it used to take to calculate New York state spousal support is reduced to minutes. Not only is filling out the paperwork a snap, but you can use electronic data collection to put the burden of information collection onto your client. The client can submit an electronic form to you, or go online and use our secure web portal to enter information. This information can be imported directly into EzSupport-NY with almost no effort from you.

But EzSupport-NY isn’t just a fancy way to complete the net worth statement. Generate a host of important forms all pulling information from the same pool of data. You can even add your own forms! Prepare an unlimited number of maintenance and child support scenarios to find the best solution for your client. Save time so you can handle more cases and improve your practice’s profits.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself. Download a demo of EzSupport-NY and see just how easy it is to use. While you are there be sure to look at all of our attorney practice management software because you might find other tools that will benefit your practice.

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