New York Divorce Attorneys Keep Libraries At Their Fingertips

Divorces are typically so charged with emotion and acrimony that it is difficult for the spouses, the attorneys and even the judge to remain objective. This is why divorces often depend on the documentation. Forms like the NY Net Worth Statement are impartial analyses of the marriage, boiling the relationship down to a financial transaction. While that may seem cold to those who haven’t experienced a divorce, it is arguably best for all parties because it makes it easier to reach a quick solution.

The forms themselves are backed up by more forms: bank statements, income histories, tax records and more. Attorneys must be able to track all this documentation and produce it when required by the court or opposing attorney. Carrying a briefcase full of papers not only isn’t efficient, it’s also not safe. If your case gets stolen, then the thief has a trove of financial information and your client may face identity theft.

Modern divorces are still as form-heavy but aren’t as paper-heavy due to the latest generation of New York divorce lawyer software. Rather than storing documents in file cabinets, today’s family law attorney has a library of electronic files that keeps a client’s entire history. Of course if those files are back at the office they aren’t any use when you are meeting with the opposing attorney in a neutral location, or if you are in court.

When using desktop family law software it’s simply a matter of copying the files over to your laptop before leaving the office. However if you forget, then you show up without the documentation you need. To prevent this many attorneys use their laptops as the primary computer rather than having a desktop in the office and a laptop when on the road. Still, this system isn’t perfect.

Today a growing number of family law practices are using cloud-based NY family law software. This gives them full access to all office files from anywhere they have internet access. Not only that but they don’t have to lug around a clumsy laptop since the software can be used with a tablet. The data is safer since even if the computer gets stolen, the files aren’t actually on it. If the thief doesn’t have the lawyer’s software password then there is no way to access the online data.

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