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In every one of the 50 states, lawyers begin the child support case with a math formula.  In FY 2010, there were 15.9 million cases enrolled in the US Department of Health & Human Services Child Support Enforcement Program, representing $26.6 billion in child support payments.  Child support orders registered through CSE represent only a fraction of the total number of pending child support orders.

The New York child support formula is like others, nationwide.  The child support computation is found in the Child Support Standards Act.  It begins with the income of both parents, takes deductions for certain taxes and expenses, and multiples by a percentage for the number of children in the household.

In New York and other states, the child support calculation is a rebuttable presumption.  If a person can show one of the statutory reasons that the court should adjust child support, a different outcome might be achieved.  But, even where there is a variation in child support, the argument and the final order must set forth the presumptive calculation of child support before illustrating the variance.

Why automate your child support calculations using Easysoft’s legal software, like EzSupport-NY?  First, our law office software reminds you to start at the beginning of the required calculations for each client.  Second, it reduces math mistakes.  When your input is clean and accurate, your client gains financial rewards and protections.

Even if you are looking for New York state uncontested divorce software, you will have to show the child support calculation in order to submit a proper judgment roll for judicial signature.  Right next to the Statement of Net Worth, the NY child support calculator is so important, a judge is not permitted to sign the Judgment of Divorce, unless child support is properly calculated and presented as part of the judgment roll.

As often as you calculate child support, each time you do so without the power of Easysoft’s legal software, you run the risk of making a mistake.  For a $249 purchase price, isn’t it worth it to your clients to get the math right every time?

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