Need Focus in Your Real Estate Career? Have a Baby!

I saw a post on the internet the other day where a guy said he had pasted a photo of his baby daughter on his speedometer and called it “the best speed regulator ever”. New babies have a way of changing our perspective about our driving habits, our health and our careers. You can’t keep working those 60-70 hour weeks and still gives your family attention. You need a tool like Easy HUD to give you more time.

Ironically a lot of people go into real estate because they think it will give them more time with their families. Unfortunately the reality of finding clients, shopping for listings, and of course filling out huge stacks of paperwork eats into that time. The flexibility to work when you want becomes the prison of feeling obligated to work seven days a week. You find yourself using time at home to catch up on HUD forms or 1099-S filings or going over your books to make sure all the payments on that last transaction got made.

Frankly part of the reason self-employed real estate professionals have so much trouble is because they aren’t running their businesses like businesses. And that’s fine when you are young and single and fancy free. However once you get married, and especially once the kids start coming, you have to start finding ways to run your business more professionally and using the tools at your disposal, tools like HUD settlement statement software.

Easy HUD streamlines your practice and speeds your closings so you have more time to find other clients, to spend days with your family, or to get back into that hobby you gave up years ago. Organize your days more effectively, work something akin to the hours people with real jobs work, and get less stressed about there being only 24 hours in a day.

Easy HUD is a great tool but it’s only a tool. You need to take charge of your workflow. Get organized. Find the right partners such as brokers, attorneys and inspectors — people who make your job easier rather than harder. Think ahead and don’t neglect looking for new sales even as you are closing on the current ones.

And if you ever need inspiration, paste a photo of your baby to your computer as the best work regulator ever.

Easysoft products are developed to help you do your job faster, more accurately and more effectively. Try Easy HUD settlement statement software today and take the first step in finding more time for your baby.

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