Modular Design Lets You Choose Which Easy HUD Features You Want

Designing law office management software is a tricky process. We want to offer every legal and real estate tool under the sun to our clients, but we also realize that not every user will want every feature. Why should you pay for something you will never use? That’s why we’ve designed Easy HUD to allow you to pick the elements that are important to you.

The core program has a range of tools to simplify the process of completing HUD-1A and HUD-1 forms. You can easily provide all the information needed and the software does the calculations so you know there will be no arithmetic errors. The built-in contact database means you don’t have to keep typing the same information on every form, and the network-ready design means everyone in the firm has access to all files. Although the core functionality may be all you need, we offer many optional modules to make your work even easier.

The Documents Module takes the information you entered for the HUD forms and uses it to generate over 200 other real-estate forms covering situations such as new construction, subleases, corporate sales and more. Each document can be customized plus you can create your own forms tailored to your business and your clients.

The Ledger Module supplements the HUD forms with full ledger capabilities. Keep track of all financial transactions involved with closing and print a comprehensive ledger report. Print checks with information extracted from the HUD forms and number the checks automatically or manually.

There is no need to extract information from the HUD forms and retype it for the IRS if you have the 1099-S Filing Module. This piece of the software automatically extracts all needed information and fills in the 1099-S so there will be no discrepancy that might trigger unwanted IRS attention. The completed forms can be printed for manual mailing or filed electronically through our filing service for a nominal fee.

The core software prints comprehensive reports but sometimes you don’t want all that information cluttering up a document. Use the Advanced Printing Module to print summaries that filter out unnecessary figures from the HUD forms and focus on subjects such as buyer’s transactions or itemizations.

Finally, Easy HUD already integrates with Easy Trust for all your trust accounting needs, but if your agency prefers to use QuickBooks then you will be interested in the QuickBooks Export Module for easy integration between the two software products.

Easysoft is all about making your job easier. Try a demo of our software to see how quick and simple HUD forms can be.

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