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If you are working on a New York divorce case or a Pennsylvania divorce case, this shouldn’t be a news flash:  New York and Pennsylvania require a spousal support calculation in every divorce case.  That’s right.  You need more than just a NY child support calculator; you need to calculate alimony.

For those of you in New York, the mandatory maintenance calculation came into play about a year ago.  Because the politicians couldn’t agree on a single formula, you must perform and show two calculations and advance the lesser of the two.  When you use Easysoft’s New York divorce software, you get the maintenance worksheets you need.  All that you have to enter are the incomes of each party and any applicable deductions, like child support.  Our legal software for New York maintenance calculations does the rest and provides the calculations on a printable worksheet.

If you’re practicing divorce law in Pennsylvania, then you’ll want to use our Pennsylvania alimony calculator.  In PA, you’re also required to provide an alimony calculation to the court, based upon fractions of each party’s income, net of child support.  As with our NY software, the PA support calculator ensures your judicial submissions are in compliance with the law.

Mandatory support calculations are easier to overlook than one would think.  You do it often.  You’ve done it in other cases.  You thought you already did it in this case, until you walked into a courtroom.  You might have forgotten to include it in a New York no fault divorce and gotten away with it once, but is that an anomaly your client can bank on?

Using our legal software products when you prepare your New York divorce or Pennsylvania divorce, you will fill in core information, like income, on one screen, and Easysoft will immediately populate that information to all applicable forms.  You will see those lists of forms in your routine use of the software, making you less likely to forget to print and review a mandatory calculation, whether it is child support or alimony.

Here at Easysoft, we have a working relationship with each one of our 15,000 customers. From the Ez-Support NY to Ez-Support PA and beyond, the only product we have offered for more than 20-years is legal software.  Our products are shaped by our research and your practice experience to ensure that when the law changes, your law office software updates to meet new requirements.

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