How To Stay Competitive In The Real Estate Market

Real estate is one of the big “get rich quick” industries right now. People see enormous opportunities in the post-bust environment as the housing market recovers. With so much competition you need every advantage to stay at the front of the pack, regardless of whether you are a veteran agent or new to the industry. It’s nearly impossible to survive in the modern real estate market without title closing software.

One aspect of a successful business is speed. If you can handle clients faster than the other guy, then you have greater revenue and greater profits. In real estate the big bottleneck is the HUD closing statement. Real estate attorneys, agents and other professionals spend hours poring over these long and complex documents if they fill them out by hand, and yet by using software to generate the HUD they can reduce closing time by up to 70%.

We all make mistakes but careless errors slow you down, make you look bad to your clients, and can even get you into legal trouble. Rather than trusting your own math abilities or your capacity to key numbers into a calculator, let HUD settlement statement software do the hard work. You can be confident the software will perform the calculations accurately, and that the software will understand those confusing HUD instructions better than you do.

Finally, RESPA compliance is an important element of real estate transactions. RESPA software ensures you not only complete the HUD correctly, but that you complete it in accordance with the law. It acts as another pair of eyes looking over your shoulder and pointing out areas of non-compliance. You can still manage to violate RESPA if you try hard enough, but you are far less likely to do it by accident with the right software package.

Running a non-automated real estate business is like entering a horse and buggy into a NASCAR race. You might finish but you aren’t going to be competitive. Let Easysoft Legal Software legal practice management software bring your office into the 21st century.

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