How To Gain A Competitive Edge In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has boomed as a host of people get into the field, attracted by flexible hours and the potential for high earnings. With so many voices shouting for new business, referrals are still the best way to attract new clients. To get those referrals you need to set yourself above the competition. Easy HUD settlement statement software can give you that competitive edge.

Fast Closing

Clients don’t realize how much work is left to be done once the right house is found. Not only do you need to complete the HUD 1 settlement statement but you also have to shuffle money around to a host of recipients, generate other real estate documentation, and file your 1099s. The faster you get that done, the more satisfied your client will be — and the more quickly you can help the next client to come along. Don’t continue to use outdated manual methods when Easy HUD cuts closing time by 70%!

Accurate Closing

Although speed might make you and the client happy, government agencies are more worried about silly things like you not violating the law. Not only do you need to file the proper forms after making a sale, but you need to ensure those forms have been complete accurately. Something as simple as an arithmetic error can delay closing and upset your client. More serious errors could get you into legal trouble. Easy HUD makes sure the calculations are correct and gives you an easy way to generate consistent documents using one central information resource.

Mobile Closing

Easy HUD is available in standard version for desktops or laptops, but many real estate agents and attorneys can’t afford to be chained to their desks. The cloud version of Easysoft’s HUD 1 software gives you the ability to fill out HUD forms from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even use it from your iPad or other tablet computer. When your client is ready to close, you can be ready to finish the paperwork and get the deal moving. If you are negotiating with another agent, you have all of the transaction information at your fingertips. That can put you in a strong position during negotiations, and give you the chance to represent your client even better than before.

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