How Real Estate Closing Software Can Increase Your Fees

Don’t misunderstand. We’re not suggesting that you raise your fees after purchasing our—or anyone’s—real estate closing software. What we are claiming is that Easysoft Legal Software’s Easy HUD software has enough power and intelligence to increase your efficiency by a percentage substantial enough to allow you to handle all of your existing deals quicker and more accurately…and allow you to take on more—and increase your overall bottom line.

No matter which party you represent in any given real estate deal, you’re likely taking a flat or fixed fee for your services. So what you’re shooting for—every time—is to come out ahead. At the very least, you can’t come out behind—sinking hours and hours into a HUD 1 closing that turned out to be pretty standard.

Either way, you simply can’t afford to waste one minute figuring out whether you’ve done the closing calculations correctly—especially given the new RESPA rules. You need real estate closing software geared to generate all calculations, statements, HUD forms, and other documents pertinent to this closing, including the complex HUD settlement statement.

Easysoft Legal Software’s Easy HUD does two things. It increases the ease of your transaction—by capturing case data at the outset, and integrating it into all of the ensuing forms, including your HUD forms. It performs automatic calculations, and generates whatever real estate documents, forms, correspondence, etc. you need for your client’s purchase or sale.

If you’re the settlement agent, Easy HUD also ensures the accuracy of your HUD settlement statement (also known as a HUD closing statement, or HUD-1). Unlike before, these HUD 1 closings demand razor-sharp accuracy—with little tolerance for error. Our HUD software helps you comply with RESPA rules—so that you’re not caught on the short end of a good faith estimate.

We at Easysoft Legal Software feel like making you richer—while making your life easier—isn’t too much to ask of technology. And we’re thrilled to help!

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