How Crucial Conversations Affect New York State Spousal Support Negotiations

I’ve recently finished reading “Crucial Conversations” by Kerry Patterson, et al, and this is a book that should be read by every family law attorney and divorcing couple out there. Using this book in conjunction with EzSupport-NY family law software New York attorneys can negotiate settlements more quickly and fairly.

Keeping A Cool Head

The book helps anyone learn how to handle high-stakes, emotional negotiations effectively. Short of nuclear arms treaty discussions, divorce settlement negotiations are probably the ideal situation to apply these methods — and atomic bombs are less volatile than divorcing couples!

Attorneys can use the strategies here to keep negotiations on track, trying to defuse the situation by reminding both couples of the real goal (hint: it’s not “screwing over my ex”). They can use it to speak to their clients and help them understand what they can reasonably expect to ask for and get. And they can even use it on themselves since attorneys are people too and as much as they try to remain above the emotions of the situation, they can still find themselves getting into passionate arguments with the opposing counsel. But what does this have to do with New York child support software?

Just The Facts, Ma’am

One strategy to defuse a volatile conversation is to stick to objective information. EzSupport-NY, Easysoft Legal Software’s dedicated NY family law software, provides the analysis tools needed for attorneys to present an impartial settlement offer backed by data and statistics rather than emotion and insults. It also allows attorneys to prepare multiple support offers and compare them, so they can go into negotiations with counteroffers already prepared.

Although few divorces end up before a judge, the ones that do tend to be the most volatile of all. This is where it is even more important to back your settlement offers with cold, hard data rather than hand-waving character assassination. The fact is even if your client’s soon-to-be-ex really is a sleazebag, New York is a no fault state and that’s ultimately not going to matter. What will matter is the numbers and analysis you can provide.

The art of negotiation is important, but so is the ability to back your negotiation skills with hard facts. Include Easysoft Legal Software attorney practice management software in your arsenal and you will be able to settle more quickly and profitably.

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