How Antiquated is Your Math?

The pencil was a great invention in 1565.  The ballpoint pen, 1938.  Hand-held calculator, 1967.

But why are these antiques cluttering the top of your desk when you could have Easysoft Legal Software divorce software on your desktop?

Put down your pencil and pick up Easysoft Legal Software, the divorce software with automated financial calculations.

With Easysoft Legal Software’s programs, you can benefit from automatic divorce calculations that will cut your work from hours into minutes, while improving your accuracy.

Perhaps you are using EzSupport-NY and you’re entering assets and liabilities into the NY networth statement – three cars, one house with a mortgage and a home equity line of credit, one time-share, and five credit cards.  Erase any thought of using scrap paper on the side.  By the time you’ve entered this information into this divorce settlement software, it’s already added up.  Before you can click on print, accurate totals are ready to go for your networth statement.

Or let’s say you’re using EzSupport-PA and you want to make a PA child support calculation.  Simply input the income of each party, filing status, exemptions, and non-standard deductions, and let this software run the PA child support calculation through the statutory formula.   If you want to see variations, go ahead and change variables like the number of overnights per year and simply click on ‘compare.”  This PA family law software will instantly show you a worksheet comparing any changes against the original input information.

All of Easysoft Legal Software’s family law software maximizes the computer’s automation of routine math calculations for budgets, assets, liabilities, and support calculations.

You might not make a mistake on 2 + 2 = 4.  But, do you really want to take a chance that you’ll end up having to erase that $5,437.82 + $6,248.23 = $10,686.05 after you already divided it by 2 and got $5,343.03, instead of $5,843.03?  For the price to your client of that one mistake, you could have purchased Easysoft Legal Software’s divorce settlement software and had both money and piece-of-mind to spare.

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