Housing Market Set To Surge — Are You Ready?

A recent article at realtor.com points out why now is a great time to buy a house: interest rates are about to jump, inventories are high, prices are rising, rents are skyrocketing and the job market is producing hundreds of thousands of new jobs very month. Ten markets in particular are set for a rush of home sales. When it’s a great time for buyers, it’s a great time for real estate professionals as well. You need HUD software like Easy HUD to take advantage of the pending boom in sales.

Act Now Or Regret Later

Real estate professionals can’t afford to sit around waiting for opportunity. They need to actively seek new clients and sales in order to keep the cash flowing. Although the market is much better than it was a few years ago, homebuyers are leery and may be taking longer to decide on a home purchase. That means you need to act now in order to generate income down the road.

Are you ready to handle the rush of business? If you end up spending hours poring over HUD forms then you are missing opportunities to acquire new clients. You got into this business to help people find their dream homes, not to fill out stacks of government paper. You need to not only know your market and have enough contacts — lenders, inspectors and so on — to facilitate the sale, but you also need the tools to help you close a sale quickly.

Get The Edge With Real Estate Settlement Software

While other real estate professionals are struggling to fill out forms by hand or working with unsuitable or outdated tools, you can get an advantage by arming yourself with the latest in real estate software, Easy HUD.

Easy HUD has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of today’s real estate market, with features such as RESPA-complaint HUD preparation, simple GFE-HUD comparison and built-in productivity tools. Additional modules allow you to produce an array of documents populated with information from the HUD form, generate ledgers, file 1099-S forms and print specialized transaction sheets.

If you aren’t using Easy HUD already, download a demo to see how easy the HUD settlement statement can be. Faster closing means more business and happier clients, as well as a healthy cash flow for your business.

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