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Real estate agents and attorneys have to be familiar with RESPA, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. This is the law that governs what information must be provided during a real estate transaction and professionals ignore this law at their own peril. RESPA software like Easy HUD gives you a personal digital expert who helps you avoid non-compliance errors that can sink your company.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to fill out the HUD 1 settlement statement on your own. RESPA is a complex law and even experienced real estate professionals have trouble grasping all of its nuances. Even if you understand 99% of the rules, that remaining 1% is enough to create a lot of trouble for your firm. If you end up in court, ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense.

It’s not enough to learn the law. Just when you finally figure out all the subtleties, the lawmakers go and change the rules. Past modifications to RESPA have forced real estate agents to change their methods as they struggle to stay within the new guidelines. It’s far better to use HUD settlement statement software that is updated as the rules change. That way you know you are always filling out the HUD paperwork under the latest requirements, and not according to the law from ten years ago.

Title closing software pays for itself. Not only does it help you avoid costly mistakes but it automates and simplifies the closing process. Our customers report they save as much as 70% of the time it used to take to fill out HUD forms. The Real Estate Documents Module brings that automation to all of your documents including leases, letters and more. The time you save is a resource you can spend finding and serving new clients. Taking more clients means greater profits for your business. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Easysoft Legal Software law firm management software is helping real estate agents and attorneys all over the country automate their practices, protect themselves from errors and handle more clients. Find out how our products help you become more successful by contacting an Easysoft Legal Software representative today at 800-905-7638.

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