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Spring is in the air and real estate agents and buyers are out in droves.

Are you ready for this season’s up-tick in real estate business?

Every real estate attorney we know tells us that the way to be profitable is efficiency and volume.  There’s no better way to accomplish these benchmarks than through Easysoft’s real estate document software.  When you combine our Real Estate Documents software with our Easy HUD software, you’ll have more than 200 closing forms at your disposal, from a Mortgage Note to a Warranty Deed to the HUD-1 closing forms.

Using our legal software, you enter the essential client information only once and on one screen.  Our real estate document software automatically populates this essential transaction information into all of the corresponding fields on every form that you select.  You can use the real estate document software and the HUD software to prepare every document, including the HUD settlement statement and associated closing documents.

All of the real estate documents you generate can be saved in Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf format.  You can e-mail documents from within the program.  These features of our real estate document software and our HUD software allow you to stay on track to the task checklists that are also built into the products.

With our Easysoft attorney trust accounting software, you can also manage your real estate escrow accounts, order checks, and print checks.  Our legal escrow accounting software allows you to establish an account for each client, separately track all deposits and payments, and document your ethics compliance.

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