Fill Out the New York Statement of Net Worth Faster and More Accurately

You can’t get a divorce without the proper paperwork. To calculate New York State spousal support and child support you need to fill out the Statement of Net Worth. Surprisingly many family law attorneys are still completing this form by hand, which is hurting their practices.

Stop Using Outdated Manual Forms

Yes technically you can fill out the NY net worth statement by hand. New York doesn’t require electronic forms or computer printed submissions. However filling the form out takes a lot of time, time you could be spending finding new clients. In addition, it’s messy and hard to correct errors. And there will be errors. No matter how careful you are with your adding machine, you will make a mistake sooner or later.

Some of these problems can be alleviated by using a PDF form. You can download a PDF version of the form from the NY court website as well as many attorney websites. You can open the form in the Adobe reader and fill it out right on the computer. This certainly helps with some of the problems, like messy handwriting and mistake correction, but it’s still slow and inefficient.

EzSupport-NY Saves Time

Enter information more quickly using Easysoft’s New York matrimonial law net worth software. The data entry screens have been designed to be intuitive and simple. Better yet, use our NY AutoFill web portal to allow your clients to enter the bulk of the information themselves. Import the information provided into EzSupport-NY with a click and most of your work is done.

EzSupport-NY automatically transfers all the information to the right fields on the net worth statement. You don’t have to worry about converting income and expenses to the monthly figures the form requires. Enter the numbers you have, such as weekly food expenses or annual salary, and the software converts it to the right value. It does the math for you so you know the calculations are right.

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