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Real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork. These documents protect the buyer, seller, agents and everyone else involved but they are also tedious to complete. The time real estate agents squander laboriously filling out HUD forms could be better spent finding new clients or buying and selling more homes.

You could use Microsoft Word or a fillable PDF form to help you complete these documents. These produce great looking final results and give you benefits such as spell check and template forms pre-populated with common information, but they don’t provide the kind of error checking and cross-referencing needed for HUD forms. You could still make errors like misspelling a client’s name, and you will still need to pull all the needed information from your records.

A better solution is to use dedicated legal software programs like Easy HUD, which have been designed to serve the real estate industry. These programs ensure you meet compliance with RESPA and other laws when completing your HUD forms. But these applications do more than just allow you to fill out and print forms.

Why should you do all the calculations required on HUD forms by hand when you have a computer right there? Features integrated into the real estate software take the numbers you enter, such as sale price and tax amounts and calculate all final closing costs. This saves time and eliminates the chance of arithmetic errors.

Once you have completed your HUD forms you can print checks or a 1099-S form as well as a variety of reports. Easy HUD can also file the 1099-S with the IRS electronically.

Easysoft Legal Software legal software programs are designed to work together and that saves you even more time. Easy HUD integrates with Easy Trust or QuickBooks to simply your trust accounting tasks.

With all these functions our clients say that they are able to complete HUD forms in a third of the time it would take to do them by hand and with fewer errors. Contact an Easysoft Legal Software representative today to find out more about how our legal software programs save your agency time and money, and improve your company’s bottom line.

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