EzSupport-NY Offers An Easy Way To Import Data From Divorce Clients

Family law cases require a tremendous amount of information from the client. Collecting that data is a tedious process but a successful case hinges on complete and accurate forms. There are three ways attorneys can gather information in a New York no fault divorce.

The first way is the client interview but this is probably the least desirable option. Interviews have some advantages, such as allowing the attorney to enter information directly into NY family law software while the client is sitting there. The client can then verify the information right away. However interviews require the attorney’s time, and billable hours are better spent on other tasks in a divorce case. Also, clients are unlikely to have information such as detailed financial records at their fingertips.

A second and more popular option is to send a form home with the client. The party can compile information and complete the document in a more relaxed atmosphere, taking enough time to be sure the information is correct. The shortcoming to this system is that the client information must then be transferred to NY family law forms. This task can be performed by a subordinate so it doesn’t incur the attorney’s billable hours, but mistakes happen during data entry and this could undermine a New York no fault divorce case.

EzSupport-NY, Easysoft’s NY family law software, offers divorce attorneys a third choice that combines the best of the other two options along with other advantages. EzSupport-NYlite is a form that can be emailed to a client for them to fill out using Microsoft Word. The document is protected so the client can’t modify anything but the appropriate fields. Once the form is complete it can be mailed back to the attorney.

But wait, you say, how is this better than any other form? This form has been formatted for direct import into EzSupport-NY. No data entry is required, and the only time needed is the few seconds it takes to click the mouse a couple of times. The software reads the electronic form and transfers the information directly to NY family law forms. This not only saves time but removes the possibility of data entry errors.

Be sure to instruct your client to use only Microsoft Word to complete the form. The document is saved in Rich Text Format (RTF), which can be opened by any word processor, but using other software may corrupt the form and make it unusable.

Save time and reduce mistakes in New York state uncontested divorce cases by using the best legal software for family law practices.

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