Even Natural Disasters Can’t Halt Divorces

Hurricane Sandy left some New York family law attorneys in a difficult position. Their computers were under water so they couldn’t access case files and in some cases the backup vendor was under water as well! That left them scrambling to recreate all of the work involved in New York State uncontested divorce cases before they had to meet with the judge.

Let’s be honest: your clients don’t care about your problems. That may seem harsh but someone in the middle of a divorce who needs information on New York State spousal support doesn’t care that your office has been destroyed. If you can’t help right now, that soon-to-be-ex-client is going to find someone who can.

Backups are a vital part of data protection but there is an even better option: cloud-based software. When you use the cloud-based version of Easysoft’s NY family law software your information is stored in a dedicated data center in another part of the country. If another hurricane hits the area, your client files will be safe. These data centers automatically back up the software on other system in other parts of the country, so your information is spread out too far to be lost even to major natural disasters.

If your client’s life has been touched by a disaster, the best thing you can do is not add more anxiety to an already stressful situation. Dealing with divorce at the same time the family home might have been lost is enough. A client shouldn’t also have to listen to excuses or postpone divorce proceedings. When you use cloud-based attorney practice management software your firm is able to bounce back immediately.

If your computers are lost you can still access your account from any web-capable device, even a tablet or iPad. This flexibility means you don’t have to consult with a client in your office. You can meet at any convenient location with full access to case information, the New York net worth statement, child support and maintenance formulas and more.

For many divorcing couples, the disaster of their imploding marriage eclipses even major natural catastrophes. Family law attorneys can be prepared to give their clients the support and assistance they need no matter what is going on outside by using disaster-proof, cloud-based software.

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