Easysoft’s Easy HUD Program Helps Your Real Estate Office Go Paperless

Although paper still has a place in business, there are a lot of advantages to using electronic documents. Digital files can be stored, retrieved, backed up and modified more easily than their paper counterparts. Easy HUD, Easysoft’s RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statement software, has features that help you remove some of the paper from your life.

The Electronic HUD 1 Settlement Statement – The primary purpose of Easy HUD is to make it easy for you to complete the HUD closing statement. You’ll find it’s much faster to complete the form on your computer, and you’ll make fewer errors as well. Although you still have to print the form to file it, you can email PDF or Word versions of the document to clients and other parties.

Other Electronic Documents – Add the Real Estate Documents module and you can generate over 200 additional real estate forms. As with any document generated by Easy HUD, you can print these forms or email them as PDF or Word files. You can email right from within Easy HUD without needing to open an outside application.

1099-S Filing – Ah, those dreaded tax forms. You can stop putting those off and file 1099-S forms with the IRS as soon as you close. The 1099-S Filing module automatically pulls relevant information from the client record, ensuring the 1099-S will agree with the HUD-1. Not only that but you can file these forms electronically for a low fee, meaning you never have to print them at all.

LinkedDocs – Real estate transactions often involves a lot of other documents generated by you and by other parties. Many of these documents are electronic and you can easily link them together with the LinkedDocs feature of Easy HUD. Link the HUD form with all documents located on your computer or anywhere on your business network, and then open them from within Easy HUD. If you also have paper documents, it’s easy to scan them into your computer and link them to create one central information reference.

Paper probably will never completely go away in our society any more than the horse or the bow and arrow did, but it is going to become increasingly irrelevant to business. Take advantage of Easysoft’s law practice management software to give your office the capability to handle the growing number of electronic forms you come across in your professional life.

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