Easysoft Offers Free Webinars To Our Customers

We want to offer our customers every opportunity to get the most from our software. Although our products are designed to be intuitive so you can start using them the first time you run them, we realize people may need a little extra instruction along the way. That is why in addition to online help and training videos we also offer weekly webinars that alternate between our most popular products: Easy HUD and Easy TimeBill.

The webinars on EasyHUD demonstrate how this real estate software is more than just an online HUD-1 form. We show you how you can print over 200 real estate documents, maintain a disbursement ledger, prepare 1099-S forms and integrate with our mortgage lien release tracking service.

Easy TimeBill webinars take you through every feature of this law office billing software including setting up attorney billing schedules, setting up clients and matters, generating customized invoices and using the built-in conflict checking to ensure you know about any conflicts of interest. We demonstrate how it integrates with Easy Trust to provide full trust accounting capabilities to your firm.

Nobody wants to spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen listening to an instructor drone on about trivial details. After careful consideration we’ve found a good course length to be 45 minutes for the real estate software webinars, and 90 minutes for the billing software presentations. This gives us enough time to demonstrate the important features of the law practice management software and take questions from our viewers, while remaining short enough that you can fit them into your busy schedule.

Although we also recommend our customers view the dozens of instructional presentation in our video library, the webinars have two advantages over the videos. First the instructor can discuss how any recent changes to the law have affected your use of the software. Second viewers can ask specific questions about the software and get immediate answers.

The best thing about the webinars is that, like all of our training resources, they are absolutely free.

Take a moment to look over the roster of upcoming Easysoft product training webinars and find one that fits into your schedule. We think you’ll be surprised how much you learn about our products over these brief and focused presentations.

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