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Isn’t it amazing how much repetition is involved in a real estate closing?  Have you ever counted how many times you type the buyer’s name, the seller’s name, their addresses, and the address of the property being transferred?

With Easysoft “Real Estate Documents” and HUD 1 software, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to complete HUD forms and other closing documents, saving time and increasing profitability.  Our legal software has a seriously fast ROI.

With Easysoft’s suite of legal software for real estate attorneys, as soon as you are hired for a real estate closing, you can begin entering basic data into a single screen.  This essential information will automatically populate identical fields in every document you select.

Easysoft’s “Real Estate Documents” legal software contains more than 200 documents, from “Letters of Intent to Purchase” to “Escrow Agreements” to “General Durable Power of Attorney.”  Each one of these forms can be edited to your preferences and specifications.  With Easysoft law office software, you get the benefit of computer automation as a first step and the ability to add your own details and flourishes as the next step.

In addition to easy real estate document preparation, you can preview documents before printing them.  If you notice a data input error, it’s likely that any correction can easily be made in one, central screen.  Our legal software will then repopulate all selected forms with the corrected information.

When you pair Easysoft’s “Real Estate Documents” with “HUD Settlement Statement Software” you have your hands on a system that is capable of automating every aspect of a real estate closing, whether it’s a house, a condominium, or an inter-spousal transfer.  “Easy HUD” contains all of the HUD forms required to be furnished at a real estate closing, including the HUD 1 form.

Easysoft’s “HUD Software also uses database technology to allow you to build a basic information directory.  This feature is particularly useful if you have real estate clients buying and selling multiple properties or being handled by multiple people within the same office.

When you think of the real estate market, think "population."  But, when you think “populate” forms for the real estate closing, think Easysoft legal software.

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